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Dapper Snappers

 This GENIUS product consists of a short piece of suspender elastic with snaps that fits in the back 3 belt loops of the child's pants and snaps over the outer 2 loops to cinch the pants thereby keeping them from falling down. In essence, it's a kind of toddler belt.

Dapper Snappers "Fix Droopy Drawers in a Snap!" and are a smart, cost-saving alternative to adjustable waist pants for skinny toddlers and preschoolers.

Dapper Snappers are:

*Versatile in a wide range of colors for girls and boys
*Recommended for ages 9 months -6 years old and One Size Fits All
*Perfect for kids who are in between sizes or wearing hand-me-downs!
*Adjustable to 4 sizes
*Convenient - no need to remove for diaper changes & doesn’t impede potty training
*100%  in the USA

If you are looking for a money saving solution to a common childhood wardrobe malfunction, Dapper Snappers are for you!

 Products (Total Items: 3)
Dapper Snappers
Dapper Snappers
Average Rating 6 Review(s)
Your Price: $10.95
Dapper Snappers - Toddler Belts - 3 pack
Dapper Snappers - Toddler Belts - 3 pack
Average Rating 2 Review(s)
Your Price: $29.94 Purchase a 3 Pack, ($9.98 Each)
Dapper Snappers Add-On Clips
Dapper Snappers Add-On Clips
Average Rating 2 Review(s)
Your Price: $3.50

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